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Sensory clinic

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Smell training - Mental imagery training - Olfactotherapy

The sense of smell concerns people of all ages 

Femme sentant des épices dans une boutique
Parfum odorant
Sentir les fleurs

The sense of smell comes into play in our experiences, from early morning to the end of the day, and impacts our emotional well-being and memory. 


Combining  olfactory and neuroscientific techniques I aim to help people retrieve their sensory perception when impaired after 

  • medical intervention

  • viral infection

  • neurodegenerative disorder

  • nasal septum inflammation

The sense of smell is the main tool of professionals.

​​Bringing olfactory and neuroscientific techniques I aim to help people develop his sensory acuity for professional purposes.

  • sommeliers

  • chefs

  • baristas and tea specialists

  • spa leaders

  • perfumers

The sense of smell impacts our quality of life and emotional balance.  



Bringing olfactory and neuroscientific techniques I aim to help people being grounded and connected to their sensory perception to increase concentration and wellbeing.

  • children coaching 

  • ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) assistance

  • emotional balance 

  • concentration increasing



Clémence Molinier


Professional in Sensory Neurosciences, after a 10-year career in oenology in Bordeaux, I have been assisting professionals in enhancing their effectiveness through targeted and customized olfactory training methods. 


I also dedicated myself to sensory development in children aged 3 to 18, aiming to increase their sensory acuity, emotional balance, and concentration.

Author of the book "L'extraordinaire pouvoir de l'odorat" (The Extraordinary power of smell) I offer my services as a sensory consultant.

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